Indian traditional costume jewelry match perfectly with any outfit

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Gold plated Indian traditional costume jewelry resembles the pure gold jewelry in every way except in terms of the metal used to make it. Manufacturers ensure that gold plated ornaments radiate as much brilliance as the real gold jewelry to make it difficult for people to discern the difference until told. Women like to adorn themselves with gold jewelry for special occasions such as festivals and marriages. But the rising costs have chained their hands and curbed the possibility of buying real gold jewelry. Variety is another reason for people to prefer gold plated Indian traditional costume jewelry. Women today want to look their best not only on certain occasions, but everyday of their life.

Bridal jewelry is one of the most integral part of Indian traditional weddings. Any bridal look is incomplete without traditional jewelery. Indian brides traditionally wear jewelry sets that are pure 22K gold, be it necklaces, bangles, anklets or earrings. Many a time, the bridal jewelry is wore with diamonds and other precious stones. The modern day bride prefers to wear gold plated costume jewelry matching her outfit considering current gold prices and rapidly changing designs. Indian wedding jewelry are extensive enough to provide unique designs for each day of the celebrations. The heavily embellished wedding outfits along with the jewelery can make them bake in summer during the ceremony. So to help them keep it simple, cool and stunning, costume jewelry is the choice of modern day women.

Gold plated Indian traditional costume jewelry Trivia

An Indian bride is a work of art. Everything from her head to toe is thoughtfully planned which makes her look like a vision. Maang teeka, necklace, bangles, haath phools and earrings; they make a bride look royal on the very special day of her life. In Indian weddings, jewellery holds an important place. It makes a bride look like a queen. Of all the types of jewelry that exist in India, Kundan and polki jewellery is the oldest. The origins of this form of jewelry is from Gujarat and Rajasthan. The arrival of Mughals in India catalyzed the growth and popularity of Kundan jewelry. Polki jewelry was wore by princess, queens and the female rulers of that time. Though these jewels were only for the royals in India, today it is wore by people from all classes of society, all over the world.

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