Churidar kurta a formal or casual attire for men and women

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The Churidar kurta are usually worn by men and women in Indian sub-continent as formal or casual attire. Unlike Salwar, Churidars are narrow and tapers towards bottom.  It is much longer than legs and sometimes finish with a tightly fitted button cuff at the ankle. The excess length falls into folds and appears like a set of bangles resting on the ankle. The extra material is the “ease” that makes it possible to bend legs and sit comfortably.

The Churidar kurta with a dupatta, like Salwar kameez, is one of the most popular dresses among the Indian women. They find it very comfortable and suitable for their body, and therefore, use this outfit for party, weddings, formal-events, while traveling, at work place or at home. There is a huge variety of Churidar kurta with various designs, colors, styles and fabrics. Churidars are worn with straight top, knee-length, long kurta or with long and flary Anarkali.

Patiala or parallel Salwar pants require more maintenance and are paired only with specific types of kameez. Where as, Churidar has more diverse appeal as it is perfectly matched with various types of kurta. Furthermore, it is easy to maintain and carry off. It’s all about how you add a piece of heritage to your overall look and carry it off with elegance. Whether you feel comfortable in a Sari, Lehenga or Churidar kurta it has to come from within. One can opt for draped tunics with very fine silk bandhni or kantha kurtis over leggings accentuated with scarves.

Churidar kurta Trivia

A fashion editor at Paris newspaper Le Figaro said that the concept of male leggings originally came from Indian attire. Churidar pants are drawstring trousers that are loose at the crotch and hips, tight below thighs while gather near the ankles. Vidya Balan a famous Bollywood actress was criticized for her western clothes. Then she donned sari and received a lot of appreciation. In an interview to Times of India she said “Personally, I don’t enjoy wearing Western clothes. I’m more a cotton Salwar kameez, Churidar kurta or even a sari kind of a person”.

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